Always wanting more: education edition

John Hinderaker thinks the President is clueless when it comes to some of his recent remarks on education. It’s not only the President but also those seeking more money for education in Baltimore as a cure for race riots and in Nevada where they think business needs to cough up more, too. The problem is that the numbers indicate that more money isn’t an effective solution. Hinderaker also addresses the continuing complaint that this or that government program is “cut” and therefore suffering intolerably.

Government cuts? What government cuts? Let’s take education, the most important item on Obama’s list. I think pretty much everyone knows that there has been no decline in spending on education; on the contrary. Spending on education has constantly climbed, without any corresponding improvement in quality.

The United States spends considerably more per pupil than the average OECD country, more in fact than any country except Switzerland and Norway

So where is the “disinvestment?” Where is the “anti-government ideology?” Obama’s comments represent rank ignorance; either that or cynical demagoguery. In truth, the cure for poverty is well known: graduate from high school, get a job–any job–and get married. But the real solution doesn’t fit the left’s agenda.

Pouring more money on a fire is an easy thing to do. It burns nicely, too. The question that has to be faced later is where that money comes from and what happens when the fire goes out. In government, the fire often leaves a smoldering heap of sludge that needs constant attention to keep from igniting other fires – as it has in Baltimore. 

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