Breathtaking puzzle

It is breathtaking just how much beating one’s head on the wall the current Administrations opponents engage in.

The latest is from ‘secret and leaked’ documents that were presented as showing the President new with certainty of levee breaks following Katrina. It turns out the documents were released to the press in August and do not support the alleged malfeasance.

Last week it was the Ports deal. A company with ties to an muslim lead government bought a British company that was managing some terminals a few US sea ports. This was presented as if an Arabian government was taking over US sea ports and it was all personal program of the President.

Then there was the Cheney hunting accident and the Washington Press Corps tantrum about not being fed.

Then there is the so called secret domestic spying and telephone taps by the NSA that turned out to be communications intelligence gathering about foreign nationals that was carefully vetted by administration lawyers and departments and by appropriate legislative branch committee personnel. It was not a new or unusual administration activity going back even to the founding fathers.

Then there was the PATRIOT act. All of the fears, allegations, suppositions, and accusations have turned out again and again to have no substance behind them.

Then there are the various election scandals and problems and what investigation has turned up about these.

Since these kinds of things keep coming up dry, The assertion becomes that because there are so many accusations and allegations that there must be a problem. There is so much smoke there must be a fire. When is he going to stop beating his wife, anyway? You wonder if the idea of smoke screen might have any weight.

You’d think that there would be learning. Get the facts straight, then aim, then shoot. Otherwise you can end up shooting yourself in the foot. A rational look at these many ‘shoot first and find out later where to aim’ problems makes one wonder if the administration’s opponents have anything left to stand upon.

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