Betrayal 40 years on and again

The path leads from Scott Johnson’s note about a PBS American Experience series broadcast and then to Seth Lipskey: 40 years after Saigon’s fall, US still hasn’t learned lessons of Vietnam.

there are those of us who were invested in Vietnam and who hunger for a new telling of the history of how we betrayed an ally in pursuit of a peace pact with a determined foe.

Particularly now, when we are once again in negotiations with, in Iran, a hostile regime that is maneuvering against, in Israel, a beleaguered American ally.

No one belittles America’s sacrifice in Vietnam. It was enormous.

We gave 58,000 lives and billions in treasure. And we won the war militarily.

Then we gave it up and let it all go — 40 years ago this week.

The truth surfaces but the muck on the surface is so deep that it is yet difficult for it to see the sunshine. History is repeating and the suffering and destruction seem to make no difference to many who carry forward on what they wish and imagine rather than on what is.

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