Who’s your neighbor?

Jazz Shaw uses New York state as the example but It’s not red state vs blue state. It’s city vs country applies to a much broader context. In some respects, the issue is quite similar to what was behind the Civil War with the urban north and agrarian south.

we’re not seeing a red state vs blue state problem here. It’s large, liberal cities run by high spending Democrats using their numeric advantage to pass policies which bleed smaller, more rural areas to death. It takes place in many states other than New York, too. Pennsylvania is a study in two countries, really, with the urban centers of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh constantly at war with the rural land known as “Pennsyltucky” stretching between them. I’m sure you can find more examples in your own back yards.

But what is the solution? There have been debates raging for years in the Empire State about finding some way to split off New York City as its own state or allowing portions of upstate to secede and sign on with somebody else. But as long as the cities hold the numerical edge on the votes in the state government, there’s not much that anyone can do. It’s a culture war over a way of life and the economic realities of wildly different societal climates. And there’s no end in sight.

In Nevada, it’s Clark County (Las Vegas) versus everybody else. It is getting harder to run and that only means the oppressed are getting backed into a corner again. That should be a source of concern. … By the Way, Clive Bundy is having an anniversary Liberty gathering at his ranch.

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