Scientific ignorance

You’d think ScienceBlogs would be a bit more careful but Chris Mooney does not illustrate any appropriate skepticism or inclination to research ‘prior art’ before jumping to conclusions.

It’s hard to decide what’s the bigger outrage here: 1) That Bush didn’t tell the public his real “dissenter” view on global warming; or 2) that Karl Rove set up a secret science advisory session for the president with a novelist. In any case, in this story we see several strong tendencies of this administration going hand in hand: A penchant for secrecy, an unwillingness to level with the public, and a disdain for science.

The outrage is that ignorance runs rampant. Correlation is confused with cause and effect. Guilt by association is assumed.

Since the Bush position on global warming was a part of his original campaign, igorance of that position is almost as much of an outrage as trying to pretend it was secret.

The so called penchant for secrecy is very hard to square with book publication much less the many speeches in which the President addressed global warming.

The comments also illustrate the studious ignorance of events and other readily available data. This isn’t science unless you are studying psychiatry.

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