Both sides do it? Really

John Hinderaker notices the effort to rationalize improper behavior with the ‘everybody does it’ line. Harry Reid is the stimulus where Chris Cillizza offers up the issue.

There is no trust between the two parties because they believe — and have some real justification for believing — that the other side will say and do literally anything to win.

But this is wrong, isn’t it? It may describe the Democrats accurately–I think it does–but when did Mitch McConnell or John Boehner peddle an outright, slanderous lie about Barack Obama? It hasn’t happened. Hysteria is a constant among Democrats: consider Reid’s crazed attacks on the Koch brothers, the current ridiculous misrepresentations about Indiana’s RFRA, the repeated suggestions that scientists who prefer data to global warming alarmism should be shot or imprisoned. There simply isn’t anything like this on the right.

Trying to support the ‘both sides the same thesis’ can be difficult and usually just gets even more absurd. But reality and reason – intellectual integrity – seems in short supply for many these days.

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