Some people think they have the power …

Of course, it’s the 47 Republicans reminding everyone that international agreements are not binding without Congressional approval that is getting a lot of news. Just a short while ago, wondering about the President’s patriotism was questioned by the same people who now want to paint nearly half the Senate with the label of Treason.

But on a smaller scale, there is a university president who is acting without considering his authority. Instapundit describes the situation as OU Could Be Making A Huge Mistake With Its Expulsions.

“Civil liberties advocates have already pointed out that punishing the students could be illegal, saying the song is protected free speech. But even if the offenses warranted expulsion, the taxpayer-subsidized school could be shooting itself in the foot by acting so quickly, and Boren could even be personally exposing himself to thousands of dollars in damages should he be sued by the punished students. …

“In the letter that Boren used to notify each student of their expulsions, he appears to be acting unilaterally as president to immediately expel the students without any prior due process.”

” the First Amendment issue may be clear enough to override qualified immunity; the due process issue is clearer still since it’s spelled out in the school’s own manual. If it were me, I’d go after him personally.

“And as for the people in the comments who say that libertarians like me, Eugene Volokh, and FIRE shouldn’t be defending these students: If you only defend speech you agree with, you’re not a free speech advocate, you’re just a partisan hack.”

This gets into the situation where regrets about a drunken night out stimulate an accusation where the true victim is considered guilty, period. Due process and civil rights in a University setting go by the wayside. The infection is at many levels.

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