The racial grievance industry: Come on, man

Colin Flaherty on The Biggest Lie of Our Generation: Ferguson Was All About Traffic Tickets

“So now every talking head in America wants to have an extended national conversation about unpaid traffic tickets?

  • All because everything thing else about St. Michael of Ferguson was a lie?
  • Hands up, don’t shoot? Lie.
  • Gentle giant? Lie.
  • Minding his own business? Lie.
  • Shot in the back? Lie.
  • Did not attack the police officer? Lie.
  • ‘Didn’t do nothing’ to the Asian shopkeeper? Lie.
  • Relatives did not try to start a riot? Lie.
  • Protests were “largely peaceful?” Lie.
  • National Guard would protect the business owners from looting…

This is a very long list of of the bodyguard of lies that reporters and activists (sorry for the redundancy) hoped would protect anyone from challenging the core truth of the racial grievance industry, which is the biggest lie of this generation: Black people are relentless victims of relentless white racism. All the time. Everywhere. That explains everything.”

“Thomas Lifson of American Thinker once said that media outlets that do not tell the truth are committing suicide.”

“We are now back to using the Dan Rather defense: the facts were wrong but the story was right?


It is not going to work. More and more people are more and more aware of the enormous difference between black and white rates of crime. More and more aware of the ocean of difference between what the press tells us about black mob violence and black on white crime and what happened in real life.

And how so many people in the media have so much invested in ignoring, denying, condoning, excusing, and encouraging it.

And sometimes, even lying about it.”

The thing about traffic citations showing racism in the Ferguson PD should have clued anyone in to the fact that deceit and denial were in play. That canard is just about on the same level as the idea that women are paid less than men for equivalent jobs in the workforce. The idea that traffic citations are influenced by race is an allegation that has been subject to repeated study that shows actual measure does not support the idea. But it is vague enough and subject to a large number of variables that is can be put up on the table anytime the Racial Grievance Industry needs something, anything, to hold on to. Come on, man, indeed.

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