Corruption of the judiciary

When the law does not respect the people, the people will have disdain for the law. Some concerns have surfaced recently about how the courts are getting involved in overturning plebiscites without clear and direct guidance in written law. The ‘gay marriage’ issue is one example. This is compounded when senior judges toss aside ethical considerations and express opinion on current cases. Ed Whelan describes Ginsburg’s Astounding Indiscretion citing a Bloomberg interview. “With the high court set to rule on the issue by June, she said it “would not take a large adjustment” for Americans should the justices say that gay marriage is a constitutional right.

It is not the court’s role to lead the people in ‘adjustments’ of their morals. Such an approach does fit with the ideas that the ‘elites’ – in this case an oligarchy on non-elected judges – can tell the people what to think. That is symptomatic of leftist thinking.

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