SOTU and response

The President: “We must decide”

The response: “There is a better way” [but we won’t or can’t tell you what it is]

Perhpaps the most telling indicator was when the Democrats applauded their obstruction to social security reform. They said the “better way” is to ignore the pending financial crisis.

Similarly, the Democrats approved their killing of the PATRIOT Act and related espionage efforts. Their “better way” is that the government should not have many dots to connect to learn out about future 9/11 style attacks before they happen.

Decisions have consequences. The Palestinians are being called on their decision to elect Hamas; the Iranians for their pursuit of nuclear weapons. The Democrats are also meeting the consequences of their decisions. In all cases there is rejection and anger and rationalization and blaming and excusing and bluster. But that will only last for so long. We’ve seen it before. It can get ugly.

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