Cooking frogs

“I would like to ask her and every single person who was in attendance: Why did you sit through that? Why did you remain in a room where the speaker was insulting your faith? Why did you allow yourself to be verbally raped, as you put it?”

in these perilous times, an insidious kind of weakness and cowardess has taken hold of far too many in the populace.

Americans need to know where the line in the sand is drawn. They need to find their spine. And they need to stand for the values they purport to hold near and dear. Because this seemingly infinite level of tolerance for menacing leadership does not bode well.

Just how much are we willing to sit through?

Apparently, quite a lot.

That’s Carol Brown wondering – Which is more disturbing: Obama’s speech at the prayer breakfast or the audience response?.

It is good to see these ‘when are we going to wake up?’ wondering. Maybe, one day, more will pick up on the example of the NYC Police when confronted with dishonesty and verbal “rape”. Maybe, one day, but hopefully not before that slowly raising water temperature incapacitates the frog who seems willing to just sit through the entire cooking process.

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