Social infection. integrity erosion

Paul Mirengoff says Lying isn’t what it used to be.

“Lying used to be an offense that caused people to stop trusting and believing you. Now, it’s a “mistake” that’s to be weighed against the liar’s virtues before deciding if he is to be trusted.”

“I noticed this in my law practice. When I first started out, you hit the litigation jackpot if you could show that the opposing party had lied about any semi-material fact. … As time went on, I noticed that judges and juries were less impressed by a showing that a party lied.”

“It was understandable that people who liked the Clinton presidency didn’t want it terminated over a lie, even one made under oath. But the forgiving of Clinton seems to have had a spillover effect.”

“Whatever may be true of a U.S. president, dishonest behavior, one would have thought, trumps quality sermons in a spiritual leader. One would also think that making up events trumps all other qualities in a television news presenter.”

It’s the Williams Iraq helicopter exaggerations that started this musing. The effort is to try to understand it. Then other episodes come to mind including job experience in the courtroom. Integrity is suffering erosion, it seems.

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