May you live in interesting times, indeed.

There is so much going on so near that it is breathtaking trying to get a handle on things much less trying to describe them. Senator Byrd has heard from his constituents, loud and clear. Yet his colleagues in Massachusetts continue their charade of turning a judicial appointment into a politcal campaign. Then you look at Venezuela, the new Mexican border wars, the Canadian elections and their stimulus.

The Winds of Change HateWatch Briefing 27 January 2006 was cited by RantingProf as thorough and well done, depressingly well done.

This briefing will be looking hard at the dark places the mainstream media sometimes seem determined to look away from, to better understand our declared enemies on their own terms and without illusions. Our goal is to bring you some of the top jihadi rants, idiotarian seething, and old-school Jew-hatred from around the world, leaving you more informed, more aware, and pretty disgusted every month.

There are examples of religious hate, idiotarian seething, race and culture conflict, and perhaps even a hopeful note. Mass murder, anti semitism, beheadings, church burning, kidnappers, psuedo martyrs, advocating violence in the name of peace, race baiting, race riots, Holocaust denial, and on. And that is only taking samples of recent events.

Is it that we can communicate better and see more or is it the times we live in? Why such differing views of reality? Why such passion to the point of being a blinding passion?

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