Chew ’em up. Spit ’em out. Don’t expect excellence as a result.

Bruce Deitrick Price describes how American Public Schools Chew Up Teachers and Spit Them Out. What he describes was accurate even thirty years ago.

“New teachers, however naive and idealistic, often know before they enter the profession that the salaries are paltry, the class sizes large, and the supplies scant. What they don’t know is how little support from parents, school administrators, and colleagues they can expect once the door is closed and the textbooks are opened.”

Teacher education is almost as much of a joke as the teacher credential process. It is like a tradesman skipping the apprentice and journeyman stages and being treated as a master right out of school. Perhaps a few years of substitute teaching would be useful – if it was treated as an apprenticeship under guidance of a master and provided the opportunity for experience in the classrooms at many different schools, grade levels, and subjects. But the substitute teacher situation is not in very good repute, either. One district is outsourcing the substitute teaching in order to get around Obamacare requirements, for instance.

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