Others beginning to understand what Rush was talking about

Retired U.S. Navy admiral James A. Lyons discusses Taking back America because of “Leadership that compromises national security violates the Constitution.”

“Never in my lifetime did I believe this great nation would be taken down and withdrawn from its world leadership position by its own leadership. While some try to explain away the Obama administration’s damaging policies by making excuses, they fail to face reality. This is a planned agenda.”

“The core of the corruption is an attitude that flaunts the Constitution and takes the position that the president can do anything he wants with a pen and a phone that promotes an agenda, regardless of its impact on the country’s national security.”

Then there is a ‘call to arms’ which, in essence, is for the mice to quit following the pied piper and get back to attend to their duties and responsibilities. It has been a sea change and only after several years are people beginning to notice and think about doing something to right the ship.

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