Business friendly? Not Nevada

There are a lot of ways to inhibit commerce. Nevada provides an example. It starts with the ideology that a business is simply a cash cow, a target for getting money for the government. Local business owners share their stories, debunk notion that Nevada is a ‘business-friendly state’. “Excessive licensing, local regulations delay new businesses from opening, prevent established businesses from growing” by Kyle Gillis.

“Arshakuni’s experience with local licensing requirements is not uncommon. As detailed in “The Path to Sustainable Prosperity” a report released recently by the Nevada Policy Research Institute, the free-market think tank that publishes Nevada Journal, the state’s local licenses and regulations are so onerous that the idea of the Silver State as “business-friendly” no longer holds true.”

There is an exemption for minors doing incidental lawn mowing or babysitting but otherwise you’d better get city, county, and state business licenses as well as register with the state sales tax office and make sure all requirements are up to date and proper. Even then you’ll need to annually certify your income,even if it is below minimums, and pay annual fees.

Tax it and you get less of it. In this case that means that those products and services you need become harder to find and more expensive. The people of Nevada haven’t connected the idea that business is a target for government income with the realty of higher prices for goods and services that results from the ever increasing load that burdens business.

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