Racism and slavery rationalizing ideological hatred

When a wealthy sports star cites a slavery background as a proper grievance in modern society, there is a lie being promulgated. Jack Kerwick describes the Inconvenient Truths about Race & Slavery.

“the very word “slave” stems from “Slav,” i.e. a reference to the experience of millions of (white) Slavish people who endured centuries of slavery at the hands of African Muslims.”

“it was the “African elites” who “converted” the African masses to Christianity and that it was these same elites—not European abductors—who sold their fellow black Africans into slavery across the Atlantic.

Of the 12.5 million Africans sold during the era of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, Gates further observes, only about 388,000 were shipped to America.

“An honest discussion of race in America would include the fact that whites were slaves, for sure, but it would also have to accommodate the obscene truth that as many as 4,000 free black families owned slaves in the antebellum South. More stunning still is that, arguably, the first slave master in early America was a black man.”

Slavery is still a problem in the mid-East and in Africa yet that current problem is set aside to whine about an institution that was abolished in Western Culture based countries more than a century ago. Slavery and racism are being abused in an egregious deception.

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