Trust expended

Victor Davis Hanson describes an Untruthful and Untrustworthy Government and wonders about how “The massaging of critical data undermines our society.

“The Benghazi, Associated Press, and National Security Agency scandals are scary, but not as disturbing as growing doubts about the honesty of permanent government itself.”
“There is a pattern here. Changes in data collection seem to have a predictable result: Inflation and unemployment rates become lower. Economic growth becomes greater. The IRS focuses on government skeptics. The Affordable Care Act is not in trouble. Illegal immigration is not such a problem.

“If the people increasingly believe that bureaucrats try to alter reality to reflect preconceived ideologies or the goals of the particular regime in power, then America as we know it is finished.”

Agreements between people are all about trust. Democracy and Capitalism in the U.S. both depend upon a basic underlying trust between people. The rule of law is about a standard for trust. The value of trust these days seems to be diminishing. 

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