The propaganda war against willing believers

This example is from the opposition to child vaccination for common diseases. Steven Novella describes More Measles Myths.

“Antivaxxers spread misinformation.” … “Countering anti-vaccine misinformation can be almost a full time job. It is the proverbial game of whack-a-mole, especially in the social media age where old debunked anti-vaccine memes can resurface over and over again” … “Anti-vaccine sources make demonstrably incorrect claims about diseases and vaccines.” … “This is the pattern of behavior of an ideological group engaging in motivated reasoning [wikipedia]. Some of them, however, have computers and spread their misinformation like a virus.”

There is a pattern here, and a correlation with other beliefs that evidence based medicine is a conspiracy or unhuman or not natural or whatever. This one kills children but that is OK as belief is not to be threatened by reality. Defense must be made and such things as denial, projection, and irrational construct are used to maintain the fantasy. worried yet?

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