What typifies the tactics?

Baron Bodissey had an interesting analogy to something others have noticed as well.

We are arguing about serious issues, and not just calling each other names. It’s not so much that the sailors are all fighting to get their hands on the tiller; it’s more that they are standing around the charts with ruler and compass arguing about the best course to plot through the political shoals.

This is like the recent debate on the House resolution to pull out from Iraq. Republicans were talking about Iraq. Democrats were talking about Republicans.

But, like bias in the MSM, there are those who deny its existance and find any variation from the mean they can to support their view.

It is up to you. Look at the words people are using. No, not the ones you think they are using like those who are convinced that the Bush administration argued about an immediate threat from Iraq. Use the actual words as they were intended in context. Don’t make generalizations from anomolies. You shouldn’t have to work at it, just listen with attention.

Who is arguing about who is best to take the tiller? Who is arguing about the best route through the shoals and reefs? You can figure it out. Really. If you want to.

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