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Here are some stories and ideas that might be of interest.

Feds not first in line for blame – Hurricane damage, an editorial. – McCain: Senate aiding and abetting enemy – questioning patriotism? A view on the Senate resolution votes.

Mudville Gazette – a bit about casualties in Iraq and modern miracles.

Opinion – Gerard Baker US Editor Times Online

PERHAPS THE biggest weapon in the arsenal of America’s critics is carefully selective amnesia. Conveniently forgetting important historical facts enables tactical amnesiacs to make claims about US policy that seem to support their contention that the country’s government is uniquely evil.

House Joint Resolution Authorizing Use of Force Against Iraq, October 10, 2002 – Why we are in Iraq and how it was authorized.

Science Musings by Chet Raymo

One need not accept Sigrid Undset’s theology to learn important truths about human nature from her medieval tales. By taking us back to a time when love, family, childbirth, sexual passion, bloodlust, greed and death were more starkly rendered by the mere struggle to survive, she forces us to reflect upon our own reasons for being faithful and good.

The Iraq story: how troops see it | – What a soldier sees on the front and what many see in their newspapers are often in conlfict.

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