It is a country with massive natural resources in terms of oil and gas yet its citizens are suffering the plague of the left. SHTF Lessons From Venezuela, by CSR provides an inside view from the perspective of a survivalist. A survivalist is one who prepares for TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) while the prepper is one who prepares for a week or so of natural or man made disaster disrupting the benefits of civilization. In Venezuela, it is the survivalists who have the edge.

“The news media here in the U.S. have completely missed the boat on the Venezuelan situation. Suffice it to say at this point that the conditions over the past 15 years have deteriorated so much that between one and two million out of 30 million citizens have fled the country. Violence has spiraled out of control. Some estimates indicate that during the period of 2003 and 2011(the same period as the Iraq war) the number of murder victims reported in Venezuela rivals the number of people killed in Iraq.”

“So the people of all classes now find themselves in a situation in which electric power is no longer reliable, blackouts are common, and diseases that were eliminated are returning. Inflation can run up to 50% per month, rendering the Bolivar fiat currency nearly worthless. Since the government had forcefully expropriated (through the Venezuelan socialist version of eminent domain) huge tracts of productive domestic livestock and then given it “to the poor” who didn’t know how to farm it, domestic food production crashed.”

CSR provides a number of observations from Venezuela. He notes that “foolishness is the norm in the faxe of slowly advancing tyranny.” It seems people have trouble realizing just how abnormal things can get. They want “normal” and expect “normal” and anything very far outside of that is almost impossible to imagine or accept.

Social Chaos can be a tool applied for the organized groups that want to prey on individuals. Once the social structure is torn apart and there is no organized social structure to enforce behavioral norms, smaller organizations from gangs to organized crime can act with near impunity and further terrorize the citizenry. The means that creative community defense is vital. This is where the U.S. 2nd ammendment debate comes in. Food, water, and power become weapons. Communications become vital to avoid panic and rumors.

“Faith is Key to Survival. I will wrap this up by pointing out that the majority of Venezuelans are devout Catholics, and their devotion to their faith has been inspiring. They have been far more patient and peaceful than I can fathom. In most cases, when their children have been murdered, they respond not with violence but with a peaceful gathering, holding open-air masses and prayer. Their faith gives them optimism and strength. Not surprisingly, because Venezuelan women are typically the ones who instill religious faith in God to the children, they are absolutely key to keeping the community morale high, and make up greater than 50% of the people marching. It is quickly becoming a nation of “Mother Grizzlies,” who are on the front line of the struggle.”

It should never get to that point. But it did. There are those who are worried that the U.S. may follow the same path. You can take the survivalist approach to be prepared. Perhaps better is pre-emptive action as that tends to be less traumatic and less expensive in many ways. It starts with politics. That means helping others understand the implications of their views. That means supporting campaigns and voting for political candidates who show an awareness of the problem. It is time to stand up rather than to stand down.

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