A liability to be a Bible believer in America?

“Many Christians have been martyred for refusing to bow to human authority, which places itself above God. Therefore, in spite of liberals and homosexual activists slanderously likening our stand to slavery and Jim Crow, we will continue to love them and, at the same time, oppose their efforts to make us bow to same-sex marriage.

In the past, standing up for the truth of God’s word has cost Christians their jobs, businesses, reputations and even their lives. It may come to that again, but we will never be silent, and we will not bow.”

E.W. Jackson talks about Opposing the rising tide of homosexual intolerance and does not think “The same-sex lobby must not be allowed to trample religious liberty.”

In regard to the discrimination accusation, Jackson assumes a mantle of authority “as a decendant of slaves” which tends towards the PC idea that slavery victimhood belongs only to those of black African decent – perhaps the Bible’s content on slavery needs to be read as well as the content on homosexuality? He does highlight one characteristic behavior of the left:

“The recently vetoed Arizona religious-freedom law brought this into bold relief. The legislation was not inspired by hatred of homosexuals, as some would have us think. It grew out of the potential liability that arises for the Christian who conducts business in keeping with the belief that marriage is a union between one man and one woman.”

There was a malicious misrepresentation of the proposed law that was egregious – but, as usual, that didn’t seem to bother anyone. That leads to wondering just what is the larger problem: intolerance or apathy?

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