Analysis of tactics

Cathy Young describes why The Left Still Harbors a Soft Spot For Communism and much of it is about the tactics in the debate that boil down to symptoms of psychological denial and defense.

“Myerson’s muddled screed might not merit a second thought if it his defense of communism was just a personal eccentricity. Unfortunately, toned-down versions of such whitewashing are fairly common not only on the left but even in mainstream liberal opinion.”

“For all the revelations, the romanticized view of communism as a failed but noble venture has yet to get a stake through the heart. Just last weekend, narrating an NBC News segment on the opening ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics and surveying Russian history, actor Peter Dinklage referred to “the revolution that birthed one of modern history’s pivotal experiments.” That brings to mind an old-time Soviet joke in which a schoolboy asks his father if Marxism-Leninism is a science. “I reckon not, son,” the father replies. “When scientists do experiments, it’s always on animals, not humans.””

There is the straw man, the diversions, the nit picking, psuedoscience, and “other well-worn excuses.” The question is why it continues to plague society.

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