Pundit dump – history lessons, the phalanx of advocacy groups, and sophistry

The Washington Times this morning:

ALEXANDER: Resisting the Medicaid-expansion temptation. “Obamacare’s promise of federal funds won’t offset the costs” and that isn’t all. There is that persistent, demanding, ‘phalanx’ – “Indeed, a phalanx of welfare-advocacy groups, health care consultants, hospital systems, and managed-care organizations continue to lobby the legislatures of the holdout states.

CHARLES: The enduring presence of the Founders: Old rebukes to tyranny still refresh the love of liberty.History casts important shadows that don’t fade with time.

GASKI: The liberals’ new ‘McCarthyism’ – How Republicans could trump the race card tactic. “There is a reason why liberal Democrats resort to sophistry and other dishonesty so regularly, whether on national television, around the water cooler, in Congress or the White House.

There is a disturbance in the force as Star Wars fans might say. The pundits are beginning to notice. Will the people pick up on the tremors, too?

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