A thought about returning vets

Those who returned from Vietnam were caught by surprise. They didn’t really know the depth of the propaganda war against them. They remembered their fathers from WWII and framed their own return from battle in that context. The trusted their country and had faith in its media and its politicians. They were not prepared to do battle on their return to the homeland.

Those who return from Iraq seem to be ready for a new fight. They are more aware that the enemy they fought with fire only represent one front. They see the news being reported back home. They wonder at how it misrepresents their efforts and the progress they see first hand. They begin to see an enemy behind as well as in front. These soldiers may indeed be prepared to fight the battle on the homefront. It will be a different kind of battle. They will have to learn new tactics and methods. They are doing so.

It appears that they are not going to take getting spit upon sitting down, even if they are confined to a wheelchair. Not this time. The debate is being argued as we saw last week with Murtha et al. The battle of those soldiers is being joined. It is one where we can all be soldiers and must if the values that lead us are to be preserved.

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