The green war on the poor

“Before around 1960, anybody other than a crank would have been flabbergasted at such suicidal stupidity and policies one would expect from an enemy or a rival. An illiterate farmer in the 19th century knew you had to husband natural resources and protect them for the future, but he would never have idealized a harsh natural world that only stubbornly and by dint of hard labor produces sustenance for humans. But that was before environmentalism evolved into a cult for an affluent society of people so rich that they can take for granted their protection from nature by technology and industrialism, all the while it demonizes a modern world those same people couldn’t live without for five seconds.”

Bruce Thornton: The Costs of the Environmentalism Cult. To deprive farmers of the water they need to grow fruits and vegetables, to deprive people of the fuel they need to keep warm in the winter, these sorts of actions are a war of the wealthy on the poor.

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