Who is the enemy?

Go see a Female Soldier’s Story and see what she thinks. The terrorists whose bombs tear apart markets and mosques and public places – the dictator with rape rooms and people shredders and mass graves – or the fourth fifth columns?

There are those whose response to criticism is “how dare you question my patriotism.” The fact is that it is their own behavior that questions their patriotism. It was not questioned by their critics. It does appear, though, that there is a growing recognition that those who are outraged at the implications of their own behavior may soon be facing their critics recognition of its name.

Whether it is the individual who tears and smears and disrupts the speech of others or the representative who parades under false colors to add prestige to his call for his country to abandon its basic principles or the opposition leaders who persist in false and malicious charges to destroy and impugn, the proper name for the behavior will, and must, be known. Courtesies to avoid offending become less of a desirable thing when they make no difference and offense is found anyway.

The real enemy, the first enemy, is not the one we can attack with military might. It is one of our own intellectual integrity and respect for our civilization.

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