FUD Mongering, Organic GMO

“Using scare tactics and propaganda campaigns, anti-GMO activists are trying to convince Americans that GMOs are dangerous — that they are some kind of “Frankenfood.” This ignores more than a century of evidence that shows that the genetics of plants can be manipulated safely to produce better yields, bigger fruits and heartier products.”

“There are plenty of issues America’s farmers and food producers can focus on to better mankind: increasing food production, reducing or eliminating tariffs that keep the food prices artificially high around the world, and finding better methods to provide food to those who cannot grow it themselves.

“Spending time needlessly arguing over whether foods containing GMOs must be labeled is not one of these most important issues. Rather, it is just a way to make the government a part of an advertising campaign intended to enrich a few at the expense of the many.”

George Landrith: Labeling foods with genetic fears – Shoppers wanting organic products don’t need new warnings.

If this keeps up, pretty soon anything you buy in a grocery store will have a little pamphlet of fine print like prescription drugs do. The effectiveness of such labels and warnings gets to be much like the story of the kid who kept crying wolf (wikipedia). The behaviors are characteristic: big, evil, corporate farming out to kill their customers, the common people, and so on. The fact that modern genetic modification is simply a new and faster way to implement the ages old tactic of breeding for characteristics is swept under the rug and anytime it creeps out, it is attacked with vigor and a plentitude of logical fallacies.

It is just another expression of the Left’s war on the impoverished.

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