Medicare Drug Plan Questions

It seems one side of the debate about the Medicare Drug plan is missing. Two sides are being pounded, but yet another is missing.

the liberal counterassault is already underway. These critics oppose competition, empowering consumers, and want a larger role for the federal government. … the pace of enrollment is too slow … or it’s too confusing …

Conservatives, unfortunately, have focused almost exclusively on the potential cost of the program

[Gary J. Andres. Medicare drug plan. Washington Times 05nv17]

The side you don’t here is that “early evidence suggests the market-oriented reforms Congress passed nearly two years ago are having a better than expected effect.” There is very little discussion about the idea that “paying for prescription medicines can save the overall program money in the long run. Why should Medicare pay $100,000 to treat the effects of a stroke, when it can pay $1,000 for blood thinning medication to avoid one?”

The Medicare Drug Plan is providing yet another example of the difficulty in getting the whole story. Opinions are not informed if major issues and concepts are not put on the table.

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