Goalposts, where are they now?

It seems that the hand is being called and the goalposts are being moved.

First it was “Bush Lied!” and that was changed to ‘we were misled and deceived.’

Now the Administration is responding to the allegations of twisting intelligence by posting PSA’s fisking a WaPo assertion that White House intelligence was different that that available to Congress and another on remarks by Senator Levin. There has also been a couple of speeches making note of the historical revisionism evident in some of the accusations and allegations.

The talking heads have also been circling the wagons or asking questions, depending upon how attached they are to the issue.

Of course, there are those in the media who see this response to personal attack as something suspicious, perhaps illegal somehow. Others are going through the available material to find quotes and other materials that expose flip flopping or outright misstatements. The idea that maybe anyone trying to get to the bottom of the matter do an internet search for “Iraq, Clinton, 1998″ is another of these revelations that is causing the goalposts to move again.

Since the ‘Bush Lied” doesn’t withstand scrutiny, then the vote on lack of due dilligence didn’t come across very well, something else was needed. This appears to be the “Clinton didn’t go to war” idea. There are problems with that goal post as well. So it appears the goal post movers are getting a lot of exercise.

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