Finger pointing in the wrong direction

CARSON: To counter coarseness, choose civility — “The many give in to media-promoted indecency” — goes finger pointing and misses reality in a telling direction.

“Prior to the severe economic downturn in 2008, a number of selfish, greedy business types, with complicity from public officials, created schemes to entice relatively inexperienced people to purchase houses that significantly ignored the old, established rule of never taking out a mortgage that was more than 2 times one’s annual salary.

These and other types of paper-pushing manipulations by a small but influential segment of Wall Street types and politicians produced enormous fortunes for many who actually produced little or nothing of value.”

Oh, those “selfish, greedy business types!” What obvious reality is missing here? It is that the old rules for mortgage qualification were overruled by government regulation. Banks were forced to make loans according to ‘diversity’ rules rather than credit rules. The government’s subsidies make a zero down payment possible. The people who should have been at risk were allowed to move that risk off to others in creative investment packaging. Carson notes the sort of pressures involved in the education arena.

“Teachers are forced into the role of political-correctness police by bureaucratic administrators who, in many cases, obviously have no sense of the psychological makeup of young children. The potential to do harm to little children by administrative acts of this level of stupidity is tremendous. If we continue down this road of absurdity, we will produce a generation of paranoid and dysfunctional individuals who will eventually be in charge of taking care of those of us who are imposing these rules of political correctness upon them today.”

Choosing villains is not in line with the civility and caring for others Carson espouses. In his “selfish, greedy” assertion, he falls into his own words.

“It is unreasonable to expect a civil and compassionate society to emerge from a culture that tolerates and often even encourages cruel and dishonest behavior from its leading commentators and leaders. I do not believe these people are capable of seeing fault within themselves. Blinded by their ideology, they are incapable of seeing things from the view of others.”

We want everyone to be able to own their homes. We want to eliminate abuse and incivility. The problem is that government separates people from their actions on such desires and that creates tragedy. Carson illuatrates the message in Matthew 7:4-5. A first step in civility is to cease making character judgments about others but rather use their behavior, the speck of impropriety we think we see in them, to learn about the flaws that may exist in each of us.

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