Takes a lickin’ – keeps on tickin’ – about carping on capitalism

Ed Fulner says Capitalism’s carping critics don’t seem to understand that it is “A system that fosters work, saving and investing is the key to prosperity.”

“Attacking capitalism never seems to go out of style. Over the past 100 years, few institutions have been attacked so fiercely, so falsely and so foolishly.

Yet capitalism’s resilience continues. Governments based on the idea that capitalism is evil and that the state can create wealth by controlling an entire economy have risen and fallen during this period, but capitalism continues to thrive.

Today, it is no longer beyond the pale to say that capitalism has done more good for more people than any other economic arrangement ever devised by man.”

The real question is why something that has been so successful in alleviating human misery creates such an impulse to try to destroy it.

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