Indicative behaviors

There are a few behaviors often seen when intellectual integrity is not a priority. The use of logical fallacies is one. The blaming of socialist government failures on not having the right people doing them is another. Pope Francis offers yet another:

“Pope Francis, responding to conservative criticisms that his economic and social ideas smack of communism, said in an Italian newspaper interview on Sunday that he is not a Marxist but that even Marxists can be good people.”[I’m no Marxist, Pope Francis tells conservative critics]

This is a classic error often found in management and parenting. It is confusing the person with that person’s behavior. Nobody said anything about the personal qualities of a person who holds left leaning ideologies but rather classified certain beliefs and behaviors as being Marxist or whatever. The Pope is diverting criticism of his behavior advocating leftist ideologies towards personal qualities. That is not being honest with those trying to tell him something. Behavior is something under the control of mortals. The qualities of a person are more particularly between that person and God. Confusing the two often leads to tragedy.

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