The taint of money, dependence corruption — just how bad, really?

The ‘money is evil’ meme shows up in a lot of arenas as an excuse. The opposition has been bought is the claim. Campaign funding is one arena where this idea has resulted in laws as well as harangue. WANG: The overstated sway of campaign funds – “Full coffers won’t save pols who defy their constituents” – takes a look at the situation.

If voters are likely to be confused by anything, it is the simplistic narrative that money is the only relevant factor in our political system. The theory fails to explain phenomena such as the recent government shutdown and why Americans routinely reject better-funded candidates and issue campaigns, and it impoverishes public understanding of the political process.

That money corrupts is a reduce to the absurd type argument that tends to align with a particular ideology that people, the voters, are stupid dupes and that money carries more weight than any other consideration in a person’s decisions. The fact is that there are other considerations. Eric Wang mentions ideology and constituents as two that matter as much as, or more than, campaign funds and provides examples to explain why these are important and funding less so.

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