It doesn’t make sense. It requires faith.

Mark Noonan (05nv10) referring to a Norman Podhoretz commentary Who Is Lying About Iraq?

We’re in a very surreal world. A world in which a part of our own population believes our President is evil and our war against genuinely evil people is wrong. There is, unfortunately, no fix for this – the people opposed to the war long ago left any semblance of rationality behind; they can’t retreat from their positions without admitting supreme idiocy. So, we’ll have to go on like this – fighting a war we must win while an albatross of hate-filled zealots is hung ’round our necks. As I’ve said before, life isn’t fair…but if there is Justice in this world (and I believe there is) then these people who are lying about what went before the war will pay a high price in the by and by.

The question is: ‘what does it take to bring the argument back to reality?’ It is usually not possible to do this by trying to educate those who are adamant in the debate. Instead, the public at large must be provided the information needed to see the difference between the zealots and reality. Only they can call the zealots to account. In the meantime the concern is the price that will be paid.

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