Whither South Africa

The Mandela funeral is an opportunity to study the creation and following of icons founded on desires, fantasies, and ideologies. Daniel Greenfield’s description of South Africa in the Shadows provides a reality lesson that should tamper the enthusiasm – but doesn’t seem to make any difference.

“South Africa is just as divided by race as it was when Mandela was in prison. It is broken up into countless tiny factions protected by real and metaphorical violence. There is no trusted institution in the country that unites it. There is no trust by South Africans in each other.”

“In the new apartheid, the black government represses a white minority and abuses its power over the black majority in ways that Western liberals would never tolerate if it were being practiced by men with Dutch last names. Every government crime is covered up by more incitement against the white minority with each generation of activists struggling to outdo the previous generation in its anti-white racism.”

The fundamental issue is the fantasy that racism is strictly a matter of whites opressing blacks. South Africa gives lie to that fantasy by showing that racism is an endemic human characteristic. It still exists in Africa today even after the imperialist colonial opressor white races have been tossed out or overpowered. Along with the dismantling of that ‘evil’ power structure came a level of crime, racism, corruption, and self destruction that tells its own tale.

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