Walmart: a misplaced target

Mark J. Perry takes a look at one of the favorite targets of the left. The basic question is Why does Walmart get 38 applications for every position? and the answer is “Because it offers economic opportunity, hope and change.” As with many such targets, the reality of a simple question seems to be out of reach for the ideologs. Those seeking economic opportunity or other benefits are another class altogether.

“When Walmart is considering employee applications for its news stores, why can it be twice as selective as Harvard and three times more selective than Princeton when those elite universities consider student applications for freshman admission? In other words, why do so many people want to work at Walmart?”

“So, many employees must look at a Walmart job not as a dead-end, low-paying job, but as an opportunity to start at an entry-level position, with the possibility of significant career advancement if they have the talent, drive and ambition to become a salaried manager, or even executive.”

People choose employers for other reasons as well. Charles Platt is cited as noting the ‘culture’ at Walmart with a solid basis in corporate management and a basic respect for all employees.

The core issue is why some people seem to have this need to control others in such things as who they choose their boss to be or what they should be paid.

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