The Republicans made it necessary!

The changes in long standing Senate rules need defense. John Hinderaker cites an example that is Exposing the Democrats’ Lies on the Filibuster.

“Liberal apologists have sprung into action to defend Harry Reid’s sudden turnabout on the filibuster. While the details vary, their theme is that the Democrats’ action wasn’t nakedly hypocritical; rather, the Republicans brought it on through unprecedented and unwholesome use of the filibuster. That the claim is nonsense hasn’t deterred liberal commentators like E.J. Dionne.

So: sit back and enjoy Ed Whelan’s deconstruction of Dionne’s column. These are excerpts; do read it all”

“The Democrats are utterly shameless in their falsification and manipulation of data. I don’t think Dionne is very bright, but he has been a Post columnist since around the time of the Biblical Flood, so I assume he has some idea what goes on in Washington, and his misrepresentations are intentional rather than negligent.”

The deceit starts with confusing cloture and filibuster and ends with a re-writing of history. Statistical misrepresentations pile on those pilars to make a plausible sounding lie that defends the fantasy.  At least observation, notice, and deconstruction are becoming more common. That tends to enhance the defense which, in turn, makes it more obvious. Perhaps, one day, it will be so obvious as to sink in that, no, both sides are not the same and, yes, there are options that have better intellectual integrity.

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