Cookin’ the books, stealing an election?

The Census Bureau is being added to the list of government agencies involved in election tilting. KUHNER: The tainting of the 2012 election
The Census Bureau stands accused of faking unemployment numbers
picks up on a New York Times story.

“Liberal pundits vilified Mr. Welch as a kook, a crazy conspiracy theorist. He is the very opposite: a successful businessman who, understanding the private sector and basic economics, realized that such numbers could only be generated by a Reagan-style expansion. The economy — as should have been evident to any sane person — was not booming in 2012 (or any other time during the Obama presidency). Hence, such figures were not only improbable. They were impossible.”

Back in 2000, it was outrage in Florida with allegations about using the courts to swing an election. The problem there was that the outrage was a distraction effort to avoid looking at the real abuse of the courts as well as to overlook the actual outcome of the election results. In 2012, things were quieter. It is only as the scandals build that questions about the legitimacy of the election start to rise. Note that, once again, there is vitriol and outrage and denial from the same folks as in 2000. And, once again, it is in defense of corruption and deceit.

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