Exposing the dissonance

Via Meadia provides another example of the dissonance encountered between those on the left when reality strikes. The reality is that DC Residents Clamor for Walmart Jobs. The ideology goes like this:

“By any honest account there is much to dislike about Walmart. By skimping on employee health care, Walmart forces employees onto taxpayer-funded public health programs.”

“Honest account” for a feeling? That’s not honest. And then there is the “forcing employees” when the employee can always go someplace else.

The dissonance goes like this:

“But it’s worth pondering why elite, often left-leaning opinions about Walmart seem to have little in common with those of the people who actually shop there and want to work there.” … “The DC Walmarts will provide employment and affordable goods to people who need them, and that’s a good thing.”

What is it that those “elite, often left-leaning” have their opinions? Why do they want to tell Walmart what it should pay its employees, what benefits it should offer, what sort of profit it should make, and on and on? The key, perhaps is that they want all of the perogatives of running the business without the costs and risks undertaken by the real entrepreneurs who actually do so. That’s the ‘forcing’ here as those “elite, often left-leaning” sorts want to force reality into their fantasies. When reality bites back, it creates dissonance and that creates strange and irrational behavior.

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