The secret police

This story is about The Persecution of Wisconsin Conservatives and falls into the idea that the left knows, absolutely, that all voter fraud is by conservatives.

“Conservative political entities who supported Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker are being subjected to a secret investigation. Special Prosecutor Francis Schmitz has issued a series of subpoenas to 29 conservative groups, demanding that they submit all documentation related to the recall campaigns mounted by unions and their supporters against Walker in 2011 and 2012. The investigation is being conducted under the auspices of the state’s John Doe law, which forbids the targets of subpoenas from revealing the contents of those subpoenas to anyone other than their lawyers.”

After the Attorney General’s dropping of the Black Panther case, the IRS scandals, and other revelations about policital use of the government, this sort of behavior should stimulate fear in all. Couldn’t happen here? Only if you are blind to what has already happened and is still in progress.

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