A confused assault on ‘military culture’

OWENS: The feminist campaign to make weaklings of America’s warriors — Timid generals seem afraid to challenge efforts to emasculate our fighting men and objectify our women.

“For two decades, these wings of feminist ideology have worked in tandem to sustain an attack on the culture of the U.S. military,” … “The charge of rampant sexual assault is only the latest campaign in a war on military culture. The opening shots for the most part were fired by feminist academics who decried a “masculinist military construct” that favored the “hypermasculine male.”” … “One of the ironies of the focus on sexual assault in the military is that it serves to objectify women, not as sexual objects but as weaklings who have no place in the military. It diminishes the significant contributions that women have made to the nation’s defense, serving honorably, competently and bravely during both peace and war.” … “If the United States insists on opening infantry and special operations forces to women, the focus should be on upholding high standards, no matter the outcome. Instead, those who want to open these heretofore restricted military specialties to women insist on stigmatizing males as sexual predators and women as childlike victims whose only protection is to charge sexual assault. The result will be a less effective military, rent by dissension.”

Weak and must be protected from even the slighted innuendo or strong and able to do anything a man can do (but better)? Trying to have it both ways is a confused, albiet typical, assault on the military culture or culture in general.

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