It must be the devil that did this! (then to identify the devil …)

Thousands dead and a loving God would not allow this. There must be a Satan to blame. Climate Change, The Philippines and The Problem of Pain takes a look at why “Scientism Does Not Explain Why Evil Things Happen To Decent People.”

“Bad theology and inaccurate science can both lead to adverse, sub-optimal consequences. Decisions made in grief-laden haste are often the most wrong ones we make. The unfortunate error Sano commits is to lapse into Scientism. He does so in believing that a set of scientific data gives a logical explanation to life’s tragedies that offers him a systematic plan of action that will outlaw the repetition of bad things. Sadly for Sano, and for anyone that accepts his heartfelt and emotional appeal, his thesis is not strongly supported by real-world data”

Any time there is a natural catastrophe, the tendency is to find some one or some thing to blame. Envy and resentment tend to flavor the effort. Intellectual integrity is often lost in the soup. “Evil like this makes any thinking human being search for answers. Sadly none better exist than what is offered in verses 4 and 5 of Book I Ecclesiastes.” Things happen and we complicate our lives by trying to find excuses rather than answers.

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