Careful thought before taking your property

The fortieth anniversary of the Endangered Species Act is the occasion for Theodore Hadzi-Antich to describe why he thinks Bureaucrats run free.

“The extent of government intrusion is exacerbated by the government’s misinterpretation of the Endangered Species Act. For example, the act requires that, before critical habitat can be designated, economic impacts must be considered. How did the federal government “consider” economic impacts before designating critical habitat for the green sturgeon? Based on a legal opinion issued by a federal lawyer in Washington, the federal government decided that all it had to do was to “carefully think” about economic impacts, and that it could do so without quantifying those impacts. In other words, staring out the window and musing constitutes a sufficient economic analysis under the act. Could there be a competent economist on Earth who seriously thinks that economic impacts can be analyzed without using numbers?”

And the news this morning is that the administration is convening a task force of (mostly) Democrat governors to handle human caused catastrophic global warming effects. Those effects, too, are interpreted such as to fit the agenda of the ideology rather than the facts of the matter.

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