Income is a dream. Spending is a reality.

KNUDSON: The only worthy topic for budget talks — spending control.

“The only sure way to reduce these deficits, however, is to control spending — and that must be the focus of the budget debate.

Spending control cannot be achieved solely by reforming the budget process (though it does need reform), or through some mystical “grand bargain” or “budget summit.” It will require a sustained effort, over several years, at realigning government priorities, discarding those that are not true requirements of the national government, and fundamentally restructuring government programs, especially the entitlements.

Those who shudder at the thought of such “austerity” should remember that government does not create the resources it so generously redistributes — the economy does. The more government smothers economic activity under public spending, taxes, borrowing and regulation, the less there is for everyone — those who rely on the government’s safety net and those who don’t.”

That is a core problem with the current partisan split as one side of the debate does not agree with this but rather thinks that taxes can be raised as needed without consequence to the underlying economy. That is dreaming about income. The other side believes that spending is key as spending is a real thing you can get your hands on and control.

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