TEA Party assignment

KUHNER: Unfairly tarring the Tea Party

“The left’s latest tactic is not simply demagogic and vulgar. It has a deeper problem: The narrative has no connection — none — to reality. It is completely, almost laughably false.”

“It is bizarre, bordering on the perverse, that a movement that believes in limited government, individual rights, equality under the law and a colorblind society is called racist by the very party and ideologues responsible for the most heinous sins in American history. Liberals are resorting to slander and crass emotionalism because deep down, they know one simple truth: The Tea Party is right.

This is a sign of desperation. Progressives are unable to use logic or evidence to defend President Obama. Hence, the left can only do one thing: rage against his critics. Mr. Grayson and his ilk embody the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of modern liberalism.”

The underlying question is how so many in leadership positions can have such slander accepted with no questions, much less shaming, from the public at large.

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