Why brag about an increase in mass murder on your watch?

John Hinderaker wonders: Have Barack Obama and Eric Holder Caused an Increase in Mass Murder?.

“So Holder is telling us that since he took over as AG, mass shooting incidents have tripled. Normally that might be considered an admission against interest, inasmuch as he is the nation’s chief law enforcement officer. But of course Holder didn’t take any responsibility for the trend he described. As far as I can tell, Democrats are interested in crime only when it serves as an excuse for gun control; never as a reason to consider more effective law enforcement measures, or to step up prosecution and punishment of criminals.”

What gets interesting is that mass shooting incidents by “individuals, almost always deranged, are extraordinarily rare.” That raises the question about what it is in the current environment that is causing more of these deranged individuals to act out violent fantasies. Hinderaker suggests maybe just coincidence or perhaps a follow along sitiuation. But might a “hope and change” disillusionment be a factor as well?

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