Out for blood

“President Obama says that he hopes the Republican “fever” of opposition to his policies will break soon. There is indeed a fever infecting our body politic, but I think Obama has his eyes on the wrong patient.”

John Hinderaker wonders: How Crazy Are the Democrats? and lists behaviors that concern him.

“The Democrats have achieved a public relations coup that any ministry of propaganda would be proud of. Worried that the United States is $17 trillion in debt? Radical! Unconcerned about deficits that pile up as far as the eye can see? Responsible! Unhappy about an anemic economy in which a generation of young people struggles to find full-time employment? Traitor! Content with record levels of poverty and non-employment? Moderate! Want to get rid of a law that is opposed by most Americans, decimates the economy and is patently unworkable? Crazy! Delighted at the sight of millions of Americans losing their health insurance and being demoted to part-time employment? Public-spirited!

Only our one-party press makes this topsy-turvy world possible. But there is, in fact, craziness abroad in the land.”

The propaganda effort is only one side of the story, too. There is more on other fronts.

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