The shame of the National Park Service

It’s a case of getting too big for their britches. The recent government funding brouhaha brought out the worst from the National Park Service. CRAIG: Putting the ‘service’ back in the National Park Service:

“Unfortunately, recent actions of the National Park Service are an intensification of a negative attitude toward people that has been evident for decades. Just ask citizens and local elected officials who have to deal with the agency on a day-to-day basis. We must avoid the notion that everything will be OK after the government shutdown ends. We have an immediate opportunity for positive change — change that reflects the good will of American citizens.”

A no-fee camping area had this posted at the entrance:

It was accompanied by this explanation labeled as an order of the NPS:

The Chief of the U.S. Forest Service seems to think that the “lack of funding” is a critical matter of public safety or property protection – in an area that is not manned and open to the road. People like Tidwell are hired to prevent this sort of governmental abuse of power.

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